LAURA _ AkiÓ-> Pachamama. 2017 – 2018

LAURA_AkiÓ-> Casas Bahia. 2018

LAURA_AkiÓ-> Abandoned Observatory. 2017

LAURA_AkiÓ-> PrivateSpace. 2017- 2018

LAURA_AkiÓ->Elisabeth-Sanatorium. 2017

LAURA_AkiÓ->DickLand. 2017

LAURA_AkiÓ ->SelfiePortraits



Variable measures

In her selfie-portraits series, LAURA _ AkiÓ-> works simultaneously as director, photographer, set and costume designer.

Creating intriguing images that appear to be from a fictional narrative, LAURA _ AkiÓ->, portrays the World, revealing to us other worlds-inhospitable places, full of mystery and   enchantment, that pervades ludic and reality.

When translating the three-dimensional kinetic and dynamic world for two-dimensional and static image, that’s it, creating an image, a self-portrait, Laura Carvalho, raises questions about our consciousness of self-image, since it creates in her own photographic representation, a “translation” of herself in the figure of LAURA _ AkiÓ->.

Self-image and self- portrait, are constantly generated images by us, that requests from us to be revealed. Emphasizing this point in her series of self-portraits, the artist construct her images not seeking to articulate a meaning, the contrary, her images works in the self-representation to hide something.

Going against the oppressive idea of normality, the composition of each picture suggests the creation of different worlds and narratives. Here the imagination of the spectator, practice a crucial paper- renew the perception of the image portrayed.